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every US indie filmmaker's got two homes: 1 where they are from/live & 2 New York City :: next stop, Brooklyn

that's a quote about writers & paris that i am re-working up there. yeah, US indie film as we know it was invented & re-invented in nyc - thus each indie filmmaker in the US (& also US indie inspired world cinema) has a second home - a spiritual/creative soul home if you will - in nyc, the way i see it. the filmmaker(s?) who inspired the french new wave were from & were making their movies in nyc, i am pretty sure john cassavetes worked in nyc, & more relevant to my generation of filmmakers: jim jarmusch became the filmmaker we know & luv in/through nyc. and also (and this may be the biggest reason to move to NYC :) :) :) fellow MD New Wave filmmaker & "movie star of the future" Mike "Cocaine Angel" Tully is living & causing trouble/breaking hearts in NYC now. it will be fun to try living & working in NYC for a year. i am thinking brooklyn (got a few friends there now, plus jonas mekas lives there, also indieWIRE lives there now :) me & housemate & valiant assistant Allie are making plans NOW to move to Brooklyn by mid-'07. watch out nyc! :)

all the famous peeps aside, an artist needs new stimulation & new things to discover, see, do, new people to meet in order to come up with new work. & i've lived, & worked, in & very close to DC since '92 - since the beginning of my self-identification as a filmmaker, so now it is time to try out a new environment. but i am sure i will still visit DC often & will shoot films here - since i know the place well & got connects.

so if all goes according to plan i will be living & making movies in/from Brooklyn w/ in 10 months! (i think that may be both a threat & a promise :)

- sujewa


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