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greyhound may be the way

i am trying to figure out the whole round trip dc-nyc/staying over night? thing for the thu 8/31 screening of Date Number One at Pioneer Theater in NYC. let's see: driving is a possibility, but doing 4 hours of driving each way/total 8+ hours in one day/24+ hour period may not be healthy, plus I may be sleepy + tired after the show lets out around 11 PM (later if Q & A goes long) - will most likely have to rent a hotel room or bug a pal for crash space if I am not going to drive back the same day. flying & train travel seem too expensive, plus not something that can be easily duplicated for other shows in nyc, due to cost of course.

so, greyhound maybe the best alternative for a lot of east coast (let's say mid-atlantic area - DC, NYC, philly, baltimore, etc., i can handle being in a bus for 4-6 hours i think) travel for the diy filmmaker. they have round trip tix, dc-nyc, for around $45 - $70. and they travel overnight. so, if i want to, i can leave nyc at 1 am & get back to DC in time for an early breakfast at the 24-7 diner Tastee in silver spring, md.

not sure how comfortable greyhound trips are, but maybe i'll bring some DVDs to watch, & a nice pillow.

if this 8/31 trip to nyc & back on greyhound goes well, then greyhound maybe a good option for me & other east coast diy filmmakers, cheap travel between cities at all hours of the day - good way to go for getting to screenings & back i think. we'll see how it goes. will report back.

jam econo.

- sujewa


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