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Hey Newspapers, do full reviews of movies that only play for one night, just the way you write about bands that only play for one night

So, as some of you indie filmmaker/distributor types know, most newspapers require a week long run of a movie in order for them to review the movie. Now, if the movie is screening for one or two nights in a given city the major newspapers (mainstream & alterna) may write some type of a story about the movie, but there won't be a full review. Not sure how this practice evolved, but it is with us.

Now, in the music world, a well regarded musician or a band can play one show in a given city & the local newspapers will write a story about that show & they may also publish a review of the show the next day. This practice should be adopted for film reviewing. Otherwise the newspapers are mostly going to be writing about Hollywood product (as they do now), not new indie movies or foreign movies that are being self-distributed or are being distributed by small distributors (unless they are playing for a week).

On the bright side, the internet is around. Here we can write about whatever screening event we want, whether it's happening for one day or for a month.

But it would be useful to have newspaper reviews of movies that play for less than a week. A lot of people still read newspapers, and there are a lot of good movies that can afford to play for a couple of nights but can't afford to play for a week or more.

- Sujewa


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