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Hollywood Is Talking's review of Date Number One

Less than 10 days to go until the Date Number One NYC Premiere at Pioneer Theater on 8/31! So, in celebration of that fact I will be re-posting some of the best/most useful posts about Date Number One. Here's one from May:

"Date Number One" review # 2! (very positive)

Check it out here at the Hollywood Is Talking blog. Very glad that Jerry Brewington liked the movie. Here's a segment from the review:

" Story 2, ‘A Romantic Dinner for Three’, was my favorite because I have to admit, I found the characters and the premise sexy, sexy, sexy. Shervin Boloorian plays Kamal and Jennifer Blakemore as Sunshine are a hip, progressive couple in the most diverse region of the Americas, Washington DC. Sunshine wants to learn about Buddhism and meditation from her friend Rupa ,played so well by Dele Williams, but she has an ulterior motive as well and, ummm, it involves the number 3."

Looks like Date Number One's got some fans in LA area now. Will write more about this review soon. In the meantime, check it out!"

- Sujewa


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