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Hot South Asian woman invited me to a party in NYC :: Several hot South Asian women to attend Date Number One NYC premiere on 8/31

Yeah, there are plenty of wars & unrest & under-development in South Asia/the Indian subcontinent BUT also some of the hottest women in the world live there & come from there or have roots there. Prompted by my recent blogging about Date Number One's NYC premiere on 8/31, 9 PM at Pioneer Theater, several South Asians e-mailed me & said they will be coming to the event & one, a very attractive young lady w/ obviously great taste in new films, just invited me to a party in NYC this weekend (I will be in NYC this weekend to promote the 8/31 screening). So there you go, one of the fringe benefits of making & showing indie movies: partying with hot South Asian women. Several hot South Asian women will be attending the 8/31 screening, so, you know, get ready.


Jacky Treehorn said…

In Peter Greenaway's film "8 1/2 Women, Story's father asked him how many film directors made films just to meet beautiful women and Story replied "I should say most of them."
Update us on the goings-on when you find a spare moment.


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