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Matt Zoller Seitz's debut feature HOME is now available through Netflix

It is also available through several other retailers, but we'll focus on Netflix first.

Here's the link to the Netflix page for HOME.

Here's a brief description of HOME (from the Netflix page), in case you missed all the blog entries re: it when it played in NYC a few months back, at the Pioneer Theater:

" In this existential indie film helmed by movie critic Matt Zoller Seitz, a few dozen partygoers converge on a Brooklyn brownstone for an all-night bash. Among the revelers are a dream interpreter, a blathering salesman and uninvited guest Bobby (Jason Liebrecht), an aspiring playwright who's hoping to run into his ex (Minerva Scelza). While the evening wears on, a series of minidramas unfolds as the alcohol flows freely and inhibitions disappear. "

Here is the website for HOME, for all the info. you will ever need on the project, most likely.

Will have more HOME DVD links in the coming days.

- Sujewa


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