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Misunderstanding over. 3rd I NY no longer taking credit for the 8/31 Pioneer screening

I received this comment today (also a shorter version of this was e-mailed to me):

" Dear Sujewa,

We have taken off your program from our email list. The only reason we advertised it was because Ray from the Pioneer called us and asked to do so. We had no financial gain from the screening. This is commonly known as "Co-Presenting" or "Outreach" for Film Festival Marketing. A non-profit group with a target audience is asked to invite their audience to a specific program. We do provide free marketing to a core audience for South Asian independent films for the Pioneer Theater when they ask us to do so. Apologies for any misunderstandings. Good luck with your release.

Best wishes,
3rd I NY "

Sounds good to me. The whole argument could have been avoided had 3rd I NY contacted me prior to claiming that they are showing the movie. Co-presenters are fine, but taking all the credit for an event, after the event was arranged & promoted by others, is not fine.

Now let me get back to more important things.

- Sujewa


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