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Quick notes from Date Number One 8/31 show promo trip to NYC: Day 1

Had some excellent brunch at a diner near Ho-Ho-Kus (in Paramus?). Man, NJ diners know how to make eggs & home fries, yums. Took a bus to NYC. Saw the cityscape gleaming in the sun for the first time on this trip around 7 PM before the bus disappeared into the Lincoln Tunnel. Entered the city on foot from Port Authority Terminal. Walked through Times Square, met up w/ Samantha E. at Grand Central Station. Samantha gave me an overview of the subway system, which trains I need to take to get to the places I need to get to tomorrow for the promo work (thanks samantha!). Samantha took me & Allie to East Village. Had dinner there, walked around, figured out how to get to Pioneer Theater. On the way back from dinner I walked past the IFC Center. Very cool to see a place that I had only seen up to that point through pics on indieWIRE. Direct contact with NYC is exciting. It's a real place. I was here briefly in '91. Other than that all of my contact with NYC has been second hand - through films, books, photos, anecdotes - up to now. Traveling & hanging out in new cities is very useful for an artist I think. Or for everyone maybe. This NYC trip feels a little like the Seattle trip in May: staying at a friends house, down the street from a diner, about half an hour to an hour away from the theater, an exciting new city, Allie along to help. Lots to do tomorrow, glad I got to come out here, thanks to Pioneer & the 8/31 show. Did not run into Jim Jarmusch today :( maybe tomorrow :)

- Sujewa


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