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Screening Venues Anywhere in the US, Get In Touch If You Want to Check Out Date Number One for Screening(s) w/ Director in Attendance

Just spent some time on the Greyhound website, looks like it is possible to travel relatively fast by land & for relatively cheap. The US is huge, but DC to LA in 2 days is not bad at all, for like $180 (1 screening with decent ticket sales can cover that easily). Also, if I work in some stops along the way - some screenings, like in Chicago, etc., the trip can be more bearable & useful.

This of course is also a chance to imitate Jack "On The Road" Kerouac's cross country travelin', re-live my 18 year old self's fascination with (which happened the first time back in '91 when I was in Chicago) traveling America by land.

And I am not crazy about flying. Feels weird. I'll do it if I must, but I prefer not to. Land travel by fast buses, w/ screening stops every few hundred miles may be the trick to getting around the air plane issue that comes up when considering a US wide screening tour. & bus travel is cheaper than air travel.

Yeah, it could suck. But you know, I am a young DIY filmmaker, always down for adventure & some hardship :) & my dayjob is flexible, no kids to feed right now either.

So, programmers of indie screening venues across & up & down the country, get in touch if you want to check out Date Number One to see if you want to host a screening of the film, an event featuring the filmmaker. I am going to try to visit & show the film in as many US cities as possible this year & next. Indie theater & microcinema & alternative screening venue programmers can e-mail me at wilddiner AT Or go here & click on CONTACT. thanks

It could be a wild trip. Punctuated with loooooooooong stretches of staring outside a bus window as the land rolls by rolls by rolls by.

is traveling a drug? maybe

it certainly is addictive

- Sujewa


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