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So, in '94 Hal Hartley says: "But think about filmmakers distributing their films themselves, directly from the computer", and then Jean-Luc Godard...

I am a big fan of early Hal Hartley features, looking forward to Fay Grim. And I've watched a few Godard movies since he is considered an important figure in film history. Hartley interviews Godard here, a good read, from 1994, a Filmmaker mag article:

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Hey Sujewa,

Good interview. It made Goddard more accesible. I enjoy a lot of his work but he is always eliptical somehow. NYC is right around the corner!

The Sujewa said…
That's right JB, NYC here we come! Less than 10 days to go.

- Sujewa

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