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Today to 8/31 This blog's gonna turn into a little club for ppl who are gonna attend the 8/31 screening

Let's see, I've got my own website going (Date Number One/Wild Diner Films), and I've got MySpace & Friendster & iLOOP going (& a few other places that I have not done much w/ yet). But it would be cool to have one place on the web where I can promote the show & hang w/ people who are coming to the 8/31 screening of Date Number One at Pioneer Theater. Sooooo, if you are planning on coming, & you want to introduce yourself to the readers of this blog/other people who may be coming to the screening, post a comment or send me an e-mail/pic(s) at wilddiner AT, & I am going to start posting stuff, introducing DNO 8/31 NYC Show people to each other, & generally turning this blog into one long social/promo/party situation for the next couple of weeks. It's too hot to do too much real work man. Time to party, promote & hang out.

Alright, 1st 8/31 show VIP to introduce is Brian Geldin!

That's right, Brian THE FILM PANEL NOTETAKER Geldin will be at the 8/31 NYC Premiere. Go check out his MySpace page right here & get to know this swell publicist/indie film dude.

I think I am going to prepare some special gifts, prizes & maybe activities for people who are coming to the 8/31 show. Gotta turn it into a party type thing, on top of it being a screening of a fine flick. maybe i'll do the same w/ my myspace & iLOOP & other pages too

Alright, get some blog press, make some new friends, comment or get in touch if u r coming to the show on 8/31. do it baby do it

L O T S of fun pics from the NYC trip c o m i n g this w ee k end.

& will post pics from the 8/31 show here

- s u j e w a


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