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Am I really going to watch a 3 hour David Lynch movie that does not have a clear plot? :: INLAND EMPIRE @ AFI Silver 1/12 on, Lynch in person Sun 1/14

Aspects of David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE project sounds good: shot on DV, self-distributed. Other aspects that I have heard about are not so hot: no plot (in any conventional sense), even less clear than Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (i walked out of that movie half way in, at a dollar theater!), and it is 3 hours long. In 3 hours I can watch two 90 minute movies, or do some editing or writing, or work at my day job & earn some money. INLAND EMPIRE is going to play Sat 1/14 at the local movie theater AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD. With Lynch in attendance. The tickets cost $15. So am I going to enjoy INLAND EMPIRE? Is it worth my time & money? I don't know. I guess it is a one of a kind movie. Maybe I'll go. Now I need to find someone to go with (at the first ask, no one I know was excited about going to see IE). Maybe I'll see if Manohla Dargis is free - I think she liked the movie, she called it art.

UPDATE - a couple of hours later;
The 7:30 PM 1/14 AFI Silver show of INLAND EMPIRE, w/ Lynch in person, has sold out (and that's at like a 400 some seat theater)! Silver has added an 11:30 PM screening, with Lynch introducing the show.

NOTE: INLAND EMPIRE opens on Jan 12 at AFI Silver for an "exclusive limited run" (so far the flick is set to play through 1/18 - last day for the moment?, see calendar here).


Anonymous said…
I don't think you'll like it at all, but you should go see it, at least during its one week run, to support Lynch's DIY release. It probably won't screen again after the 18th, since it's only playing for one week in most cities.
Anonymous said…
Uh, what are you afraid of, this movie is so fantastic... you won't even regret that there is no plot... which there is, buried far below it's surface. I've seen it three times. It's kind of disturbingly addictive, like everything else Lynch. And have you taken a second look at Fire Wlk With Me? Because it's plot is starring you right in the face.
Anonymous said…
Well, yes three hours can seem daunting. But I've already seen it 3 times, so that's 9 hours of Inland Empire. Don't worry about the "lack" of plot, it will cohere much more a few days after the first viewing. it sort of gels over in your mind, and with subsequent viewings, you have these eureeka moments where little things fall into place. Basically, this film isn't exactly about what is happening within the film, but more about what is happening on the screen... the actual screen itself, pixels and all. You'll like it... and dude, give Fire Walk With Me another chance, it's plot is staring you right in the face.
The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the input David, blackdog & annonymous. And if I like IE, maybe I'll take a second looks at Fire Walk With Me (a first complete look). My favorite Lynch movie so far is Dune. Although in Blue Velvet there are some good moments. Have not seen Straight Story - sounded kinda dull. Mulholland Drive was also good, though I think I need to see it again to figure out the second part. I liked the first part.

- Sujewa

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