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Anyone self-distributing any interesting ultra-indie/high quality/low budget movies this year? Lemme know.

Image: Ninja & blind date from Date Number One. Copyright 2006 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films

d.i.y. 2007? All the upcoming movies from Hollywood & indiewood are kind of interesting, but not as interesting as ultra-low budget, self-distributed D.I.Y. film action - as we saw in '06 with several projects, including Head Trauma, Mutual Appreciation, Jumping Off Bridges, etc. It's like watching far away fireworks (h-wood & i-wood stuff) vs. eating a small well backed yummy cake with a nice cup of coffee at a well lit & colorful all night diner with some fine company/good conversation/eye candy/hot possibilities and good music (high quality, ultra-low budget, self-distributed diy stuff).

I am getting myself & Date Number One ready for a whole bunch of DVD & theatrical distribution action this spring. Details on the DNO distro action coming soon/this month.

We should also be able to see Amir Motlagh's first feature Whale at some point this year, around May - June I think.

If anyone else has or knows about any interesting ultra-indie, low budget self distributed movies for '07, leave a comment or send me an e-mail, will look into those projects & perhaps write about them this year. 'cause we will no doubt hear an endless amount about the H-wood & i-wood movies, so gotta make some room for the ultra-indie (quality ultra-indie stuff) to keep my media universe in balance & moving forward.

maybe i'll start things off with checking out what's coming up at the ever reliable real indie theater Pioneer in NYC.

i guess i should also get my lazy butt over to the AFI Silver before 1/18 to check Inland Empire out. for diy distro solidarity if not for much else.

silencio (or whatever that crazy lady said at the end of Mulholland Drive). '07 could be awesome.
- sujewa


Mike Peter Reed said…
I've been self-distributing "Crooked Features" for a while now (so not strictly new for '07). Currently the full thing is available for free streaming/download at - courtesy of google video. Enjoy! And, please rate it! Find out more at
Thanks for your time!
TerminalMFA said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Hansen said…

you know my film -- The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah ( It's being distributed via CustomFlix DVD starting soon...

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