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Aunt Lotte in Stranger Than Paradise is Jim Stark's Grandmother

if you look carefully, that's Aunt Lotte (Cecillia Stark) on the 3rd photo from top, on right hand side of the frame. if anyone sees a bigger version of that still out there on the web, let me know.

If you've seen & liked Stranger Than Paradise, then you probably remember Aunt Lotte (played by Cecillia Stark). The scenes with that character are very funny & also kind of sweet. In this Vue Weekly interview producer & filmmaker Jim Stark says that Aunt Lotte is played by his grandmother. Here is the relevant segment of the interview:

" VUE WEEKLY: Your film career begins with Jim Jarmusch’s early features. Did you guys know each other from Ohio?

JIM STARK: No, I was a corporate lawyer in New York and had met his girlfriend Sara Driver, who’s also a filmmaker. She approached me, and I got involved in Stranger Than Paradise, which starred my 86-year-old grandmother, among other people. She plays Aunt Lotte. Some people think she steals the movie."

Read the entire interview here.

- Sujewa


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