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DIY Film News Break: American Messiah review at Filmmaking for the Poor, DVD at Customflix :: Date Number One DVD coming in Feb!

Tired of hearing about Japanese financed, indiewood distributed Jim Jarmusch movies at this blog? Wanna hear about some ultra-low budget, self-distributed and excellent films? Then take a look at this long review I wrote of the yet-largely-undiscovered but well made & entertaining indie mockumentary The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah. Flick's director Chris Hansen just announced that the DVD is available through Customflix. Check out the review! Buy the DVD! And we'll be back with more Jarmusch posts soon :), got 3 days left on the JJ blog-a-thon! :: And in other DIY DVD news, my well received (by the 500 or so audience members so far, including a half a dozen reviewers) flick Date Number One will definitely be available on DVD starting at some point in February (just a half a dozen more hours of work left on the DVD portion of the project) from the Wild Diner Store & a few other places, more on that DVD & the film very soon. Screening of DNO on 3/15 in Kensington, MD - many more screenings of the flick coming up in various US cities in '07, info. by March.


Chris Hansen said…
Thanks for the plug, Sujewa!

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