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Eagle vs. Shark destined to become a Sundance 07 success story & make million$ if...

If the movie is as entertaining as the photo and the interview on this indieWIRE page, then Eagle vs. Shark is going to be a huge, Sundance 07 backed, indiewood hit (i could, however, be wrong, but am looking forward to seeing this flick). You read it here first ladies & gentlemen. Can't go wrong with smarty indie kinda rom-commy flicks with lead characters in silly costumes, as my grandma was fond of saying back in the early 40's in Sri Lanka.

Eagle vs. Shark director Taika Waititi's definition of indie film is both prophetic and prophylactic:

indieWIRE: "What is your definition of "independent film?"

Taika Waititi: "My definition of "Independent Film" is a film which doesn't take any shit from any other film. It's independent, it's not gonna listen to your film or that big, rich film over there... No way, this film is gonna do what it wants. If it wants to go out and get a job then it can. It it wants to vote, that's cool. This film is gonna pay its own way, and it doesn't need your charity, so go back to the hills and swim in your infinity pool 'cause this film is hanging down here in the film ghetto."

:) Sweet.

Read the entire iW interview here.

- Sujewa


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