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Jim Jarmusch's career summary (up to '02) and great interview at GreenCine

Here is a segment of the GreenCine article, published in November '02, written by Nina Rehfeld: "Mystery Train (1989) is Jarmusch's first film shot in color and his first experiment with time; Rashomon-like, to pull out the old cliché, the same story is told three times from three different points of view. Night on Earth (1991) is another formalistic experiment, dropping in on various taxi drivers on various spots of the globe in a single night.
In his 1996 review of Dead Man, Jonathan Rosenbaum called the film "as important as any new American movie I've seen in the 90s." Important enough to him to write a book about it, too. When 2000 rolled around, many critics included Dead Man on their best-of-the-decade lists. It was quite a departure for Jarmusch. A genre film, a Western; a period piece whose haunted pace is set by Neil Young's score. There was a certain sense natural progression, then, when Jarmusch's next film would be a portrait of Young and his band, Year of the Horse (1997)." Check out out the whole article here.


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