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Jordan Carlos on the joys of being an African-American comedian

The Blogger spell check feature is not working at the computer I am writing this at, so excuse any spelling errors until I get to my regular computer later today. But anyway:

There is definitely a good idea for an indie movie in this Post article. Not just a movie, not a hollywood movie (they would try to make it too broad & mess it up i think), but a good indie movie (maybe a Curb Your Enthusiasm type/fake-varite approach); NYC based comedian and actor Jordan Carlos (MySpace) wrote an essay for the Washington Post (as a part of the Posts' multi-part feature about being a Black male in America) about being a Black comedian who does not fit certain stereotypes. Here is the introduction to the essay (the whole thing is good reading, features a Colbert Report guest appearance in it):

"Casting directors can be anxious creatures. In their zeal to find the right actor for a part they often use shorthand to explain what they want. "More Chris Rock! Less Cosby!" or "Can you play it with lots of energy and attitude?" (That's code for "black it up.") Sometimes I wish they'd come right out and ask if any actors in the waiting room can break dance while spinning a chicken wing on their finger like a basketball. But I am a young comedian and actor, and until I get my big break I have to take such jabs in stride."


"Like an idiot, I quit my job and plunged headlong into performing, going on auditions and doing comedy sets at rathole clubs. I battle it out for black roles with black men in auditions conducted strictly by white people. White people who look you over and examine your body, your hair, your teeth. No, the casting director didn't enslave my ancestors, but it doesn't mean you can't be aware that black people don't take too kindly to close inspection of their bodies by white eyes."

Read the rest of the essay here.

And if you like that story (and you've got the producing skills & tools), think about working with Carlos and turning his story into a nice little indie comedy. Feel free to send me some tickets to the premiere if it all works out :)

- Sujewa


Adam said…
Dear Sujewa,

There already is such a movie. I know this because I made it with Jordan Carlos. The movie is called "Bringer" and is a fantastic piece of indy filmmaking, if I may say so myself (it stars Jordan Carlos, John Krasinski from "The Office", and Dave Walton).

Now, any *distributors* out there looking to capitalize on this already-made bit of indy-gold, feel free to contact me at


Adam Zeidel.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Adam,

Thanks for the info, sounds awesome. Let me know if there is a website, blog, MySpace page, etc. for Bringer. I'll do a post on the project if you want to point me to more info. on the project. Feel free to e-mail me stuff (use the e-mail link on this blog or wilddiner AT Thanks again! Looking forward to checking out the movie at some point.

Also, the cast sounds cool - specially that Office dude (not sure who Dave Walton is).

- Sujewa

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