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new script: kind of Repo Man & Pulp Fiction like, and the other new script: the comedy/romantic comedy

Wrote the synopsis for a new film today, will be working on the script in the coming month while getting Date Number One out (DVDs for sale & '07 screenings set up). This new film idea is kind of similar to Pulp Fiction (noirish-comedy) and Repo Man (blending a subculture with an alien story), and I probably will not be able to shoot it for an ultra-low/"no" budget since it has some explosions, gun play, space ships & fighter jets in action, and a couple of elaborate sets - but who knows, maybe CGI & other technology is a lot more affordable now - will have to see. So I am thinking that this Untitled Noirish-Alien-Comedy of mine will cost over $100K to produce. I may need some indiewood or Hollywood (gasp!) help with this one.

In case that film takes forever to make because the budget is bigger than what I've worked with thus far, I am also working on (has been for about two weeks now) a script for a comedy/romantic comedy about several young writers (initially the movie had a lot to do with Valentines Day, now it goes far beyond that), this one I'll call the Untitled Comedy About Writers. This flick can be produced for under $50K.

I want to get at least one of these films shot in '07. Of course I will be completing both scripts in '07 (early '07), if nothing else :)

But the biggest project of '07 will most likely be (well, if not the biggest, then the most important) Date Number One distribution.

During the last few months I've been tossing around a lot of ideas for '07 movie projects, but it looks like those 3: DNO distribution, the Noirish/Detective-Alien-Comedy script & production, the Writers Comedy script & production will be the 3 film projects that I will be putting a lot of time into this year.

More on all these projects soon/as interesting & blog-worthy developments occur, no doubt.

- Sujewa


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