Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Night On Earth at Wikipedia

5 cabs, 5 cities, 1 night. Night On Earth is perhaps the last film in the initial mostly comedy wave that Jarmusch rode starting with Stranger Than Paradise. After this movie, Jarmusch movies became more serious, with Dead Man & Broken Flowers (not counting Coffee & Cigarettes, which I consider to be a long term side project, a B-sides type thing, but still funny & good at points, more on that flick later). Night On Earth is the first Jarmusch movie that I saw in a movie theater. It was a grand experience. I think some of the people in attendance at a theater in Chicago (I think, maybe DC, memory fuzzy on that item) clapped when they saw a tracking shot that looked like one of Jarmusch's famous sidewalk/road tracking shots from Down By Law or Mystery Train. This Wikipedia entry is a good introduction or a re-introduction to Night On Earth. The Brooklyn & Rome sections of that movie were truly hilarious. Being stuck in a cab for a long time is tiring at times, but still one of the best Jarmusch comedies; this and Down By Law maybe the funniest of all the Jarmusch movies. Will have a poster image for the flick tonight, when I am at the better computer. Also more writing & links on this film coming soon.


Johnny Allen Shaw said...

Forgive me if my post doesn't relate to the subject. I'm a filmmaker and I thought you'd be interested in what I've done.

My name's Johnny Allen Shaw. I made a movie while living on the streets of Berkeley, CA. from 2005-2006. People like it. It's on the shelves of our big record stores.

The trailer for "My Big Fat Homeless Berkeley Movie" is on YouTube.com:


My website:



--- John

The Sujewa said...

Thanks for the info. Johnny. Good luck with your project (sounds like you are working on the distribution stage now).

- Sujewa



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