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The Reeler mentions the Jim Jarmusch Blog-a-Thon

Today I started working on my hopefully rather large post re: Jarmusch movies, for 1/22, for the Jim Jarmusch Blog-a-Thon (goes all week, for all you busy bloggers out there, write something about Jarmusch that week & let me know & I'll mention it here & will link to it - thanks!). The NYC cinema blog The Reeler mentioned the Blog-a-Thon recently. Here's what The Reeler said:

" --Bloggers unite! Or whatever it is we do: DIY filmmaking guru Sujewa Ekayanake proposes a Jim Jarmusch blog-a-thon in honor of the director's forthcoming 54th birthday Jan. 22. I'll have my hands full, but I figure someone around here might be able to pull something together."

(btw, Reeler misspelled my last name, it's Ekanayake (not -yana-), easy enough mistake though, that's a tough one for non-Sri Lankans I bet :)

Check it & other Reeler stuff here.

Thanks Reeler!

- Sujewa


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