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Tryin' to get into a post-holiday jazzy productive groove

Hmmm, here's what the upcoming week lookes like: day job work/FT - got bills to pay, Date Number One DVD creation (!deadline 1/15 IS NEAR!!!), preparing for the Jim Jarmusch Blog-a-Thon (happening the week of 1/22 - JJ's b-day), getting the room organized (that item has been postponed all 2006 long, time to tackle it now), some family & friends visits, general maintanace stuff (sleep, communing with the UFO dudes, etc.), working on the new screenplay (hung out with star Jen B. a couple of nights ago, got some interesting ideas for possible stuff for her character's story in the new flick), I think that's about it. Talk to ya soon/when something interesting happens or happens to come past my eyes.

- Sujewa


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