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Washington Post article about the "time traveling" Ethiopian born Israeli actor Sirak Sabahat, star of Live and Become :: Sabahat at Avalon tonight

Sirak Sabahat, who immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel at age 12, is the lead actor of the Israeli movie Live and Become. Here is a little bit from a Washington Post article , about the actor & his family's first trip to Israel:

" They walked and walked, until they boarded what they thought was a giant bird, but what was really a time machine taking them, quite literally, to the Promised Land.

Israel. Circa 1991.

There, the travelers encountered not a land of milk and honey but a place of telephones and TV sets, of porcelain contraptions called toilets and white people who claimed to be Jews, too."

Read the fascinating article here.

Live and Become has been playing in Washington, DC's Avalon theater for several weeks. Sabahat appears for the 7:50 PM screening & the post-screening discussion tonight at the Avalon, get more info. here.

Here is a little bit about the film:

" Live and Become is the emotional story of one boy's chance survival amidst the Ethiopian famine of the mid-1980s. A mother conspires to place her seven year old non-Jewish son with a group of Falashas (Ethiopian Jews) bound for Israel as part of "Operation Moses." Her parting words to her child are that he should never tell anyone his true identity. And so, the child (Sirak Sabahat) grows up pretending to be both Jewish and an orphan in modern Israel, where he embraces Judaism and Western values but also feels the sting of racism. Though he maintains his secret, the tension between his truth and the reality of his situation builds to an emotional climax." - Washington Jewish Film Festival

WINNER of 16 Awards for Best Picture!
2005 Washington Jewish Film Festival
2005 DC Filmfest • Runner Up
Audience Award - 2005 Berlin International
Best Writing - 2005 César Awards
(Nominated for 4 César Awards)


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