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What's He Filming In There writes about Broken Flowers

The Jim Jarmusch blog-a-thon is on baby, it's on! Cool film blogs that I have not seen before are writing about Jarmusch movies & linking to this blog re: the blog-a-thon. Most excellent.

Oh, it is officially January 22 now, so: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM! Here's hoping for a gazillion million more birthdays for ya & at least a few dozen more awesome movies from ya. U Rock 'cause U made (as far as i can tell, by making Stranger & its success) indie film as we know it possible (warts & indiewood & $undance & all, but still better than a lot of things in this crooked caravan of a world :), yup, the world is a better place - at least for some film geeks, maybe for a few more peeps, by you being here & doing what u do).

The blog What's He Filming In There writes lovingly about the Jarmusch film Broken Flowers. Check it out here.

Anyone else who posts anything about Jarmusch this week, let me know about it (wilddiner AT, or leave a comment), will link to it from here. Getting to know some new bloggers, chasing the cold winter blues away, hot chocolate style, oh yeah.

- Sujewa


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