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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Dear Ms. Cho (comments left at Eugene Hernandez's open letter to NYC re: proposed film permit rules)

First lady of France secures the release of 6 foreign prisoners from Libyan captivity

New article on Warhol's films

Making indie shorts & features in LA, dealing with the past & the future - interview with director Amir Motlagh

Picture New York Fri 7/27 1st Ammendment Rally links

How To notes on producing a 1 week long run of a feature, with info. on gear & costs.

New photo of director/blogger for profile pieces & interviews

Rally TODAY (Fri 7/27), 6:30 PM, at Union Square to help save film, video & photography in NYC

August is time for NYC :: The Secret Lives of NYC Indie Film Bloggers Project

$66,000 Aetna bill gets reduced to $500 just 48 hours after Michael Moore becomes interested in the story. Coincidence?

Notes from the 7/12 - 18 Date Number One run in Kensington, MD

Afro-Punk goes to Japan!

1st annual iW blogs page blogger meet up in NYC this summer?

Low budget musical??? IFC blog interviews director Richard "Colma" Wong

Variety article (from June 21) re: indie filmmakers & print press

Saudi Arabia getting ready to behead 19 year old foreign maid without fair trial

100 Greatest Sexy Moments in film - according to Channel 4

I might be the first, and the second

Cashback sounds good

ICRC films from the 1920s

Angelina Jolie interview re: Darfur, refugee children in the US - transcript from CNN

Mr. Burns has taken over the JetBlue blog!

Being an independent filmmaker at a time of serious & numerous conflicts in an underdeveloped world

Preserving The Right To Film In NYC links

Alex Cox's suggestions for a new punk cinema

New blog for Kurt Cobain About A Son

Closing night of the Kensington run was excellent

DCist mentions the 7/12 - 18 DNO run :: DVD update :: Stranger Than Hollywood film, blog

Yet another 8 Things post - this one's got a tree house

Date Number One, July 12-18, Armory Building, Kensington, MD

Another bunch of happy Date Number One audience members , 7/12 - 18 run day 2 notes

Showing your film in a large space on a large screen to an appreciative audience is way cool: 7/12- 18 run day 1 report

July 11 Montgomery County Gazette article: "Indie filmmaker does it his way in metro area"

Quotes from blogs will get higher position in Date Number One print ads

50 cities, at least 1 week each, however long it takes: Date Number One DIY theatrical distribution goal

Rick Caine thinks about AJ Schnack "suck"ing & "blow"ing

1 million DC area people may hear about Date Number One this week

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip