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7/19/07 - 9/21/07 - production period for the next feature

I am going to start work on the next feature, the follow up to Date Number One, on 7/19/07 and I hope to have the film finished by 10/21/07. Hard deadlines this time, not like on DNO. DNO was a process of discovery, a successful one, and now that I know what I want to do & how I want to do it, it will be done without many delays.

Production Scheduel:
7/19/07 - 8/19/07 Script
8/20/07 - 9/20/07 Shoot
9/21/07 - 10/21/07 Edit

Budget: $0 - $20,000 OR the film will be made with what I have access to at a given time.

The film will be a comedy and it will be shot on DV.

More info. (with pics!) as things get done.

Date Number One distribution work will continue while I work on the new, at the moment untitled, movie.

- Sujewa


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