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DCist mentions the 7/12 - 18 DNO run :: DVD update :: Stranger Than Hollywood film, blog

Today DCist mentioned the 7/12 - 18 Date Number One run in Kensington, MD. Thanks DCist!

When I was watching the movie at the Armory this past several days I saw a few things that still need to be fixed in the movie, so hopefully DVDs before the end of July. Of course at this point holding the DNO DVD project to any deadline is silly (since we've missed so many deadlines), but it will happen before we all get too old :)

Working on the script for the next feature; the film about making indie films. Current working title is Stranger Than Hollywood ('cause at times my life feels like a mixture between Stranger Than Paradise & Entourage :). Here is the blog - not much there yet, stuff coming in August.

The Kensington run of DNO ends tomorrow. It's been a lovely experience. Just tonight two people talked to me after the show & told me about how much they enjoyed the movie & why. Such encounters make all the work & expenses & headaches that come with producing DIY screening worth the trouble. Lots of details from the run & photos on Thu!

Next for DNO: a NYC & LA run, paying a lot of bills, working the dayjob/other fundraising, the DVDs, paying a lot of bills, working the day job/other fundraising, screenings in other cities. All the while the next feature gets produced. The DIY film experience rolls on gloriously (& at times very tiredly, like right now, goo' night!)

- Sujewa


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