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Did interview with Ali Naderzad, Gazette :: Ms. Amanda is making oatmeal cookies for opening night

Preparations & publicity work for the Date Number One 7/12 - 18 run in Kensington, MD continued today. Did an interview for the Gazette newspapers, and also one for Ali Naderzad - he's got a blog & he is the film editor for Anthem Magazine.

Time to go to sleep, got a full day of dealing with sponsors, day job work, buying an ad, and work on the movie tomorrow. Busy (& kinda nervous), but lovin' it - getting the movie out DIY style baby! A one week run at a large local venue w/ all major area newspapers giving some ink to the event - that's pretty sweet.

Girlfriend Amanda said today that she will bake 100 or so oatmeal cookies to sell at the opening night. Those cookies are home-made delicious.

Related - audience members will be able to bring their own food & snacks to the movie.

Will post up the interview links when they appear next week.

- Sujewa


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