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Great post on Sicko at The Back Row Manifesto

Why do I think this post by Tom Hall re: Michael Moore's doc Sicko is great? Because it made me want to watch the movie (yeah, I know its an important movie about an important issue, but I was going to watch Transformers for the second time at my next movie outing, change of plans now). Here is a bit from the post at The Back Row Manifesto:

"Any American who watches a woman who has lost her home to health care related debt break down in tears of disbelief as she receives free health care from what is essentially a Third World hospital will feel deeply ashamed. How can it be that a nation like Cuba, relatively poor, can provide free health care to its people while we, the richest nation in the world, drive our people into debt and despair for the sake of medical profiteering? Sicko is built on moments like this, and succeeds because it recognizes the fundamental humanity of its subjects."

Read the rest here.

Thanks AJ Schnack for the link.

- Sujewa


Thomas said…
Thanks for the link, Sujewa! Long time reader of your blog as well and was bummed we didn't get to meet at SilverDocs. Keep fighting the good fight and thank you again for the kind words.
The Sujewa said…
Sure thing Tom. See ya at next year's SilverDocs.

- Sujewa

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