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Showing your film in a large space on a large screen to an appreciative audience is way cool: 7/12- 18 run day 1 report

When the day started there was no large screen, and we were not able to get sound to come out of the speakers. By 5 PM we had a gigantic 10' x 10' screen and an excellent sound system rolling out the Date Number One dialogue & music in appropriate servings.

For a Thu night/opening night the attendance was low - about 20 people. If Sat & Sun brings about 40 people each day & then we get back to the 20 neighborhood for Sun - Wed, the run will be successful. Of course I want it to be awesomely successful- so a lot more press work needs to be done. Gettin' on that tomorraw AM.

Last two weeks were spent pulling together everything that needed to happen in order for the event to happen. Now that that is done, the next 6 days I can focus on just two things: publicity and showing the movie each night.

The venue - the Kensington Armory - is excellent - simple & spacious & very comfortable. The movie is looking & sounding better than ever. Press is starting to happen nicely, so the run looks like it will be a fun & productive thing.

Will have some pics from today & yesterday early tomorrow.

Time for some sleep now, more screening action tomorraw!

Thanks a lot to everyone who came to the show tonight. It was overall an excellent event.

- Sujewa


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