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1 million DC area people may hear about Date Number One this week

One of my goals for the 7/12 - 18 run of Date Number One at Kensington's Armory Building is to let 1 million DC area people know about the existence of the movie. I may be able to achieve this goal, here's how:

- The Gazette newspapers claim a 90% readership in Montgomery County, and that (all the numbers on this post are very rough estimates, I do not guarantee accuracy) would mean about 810,000 people (I think, when they say 90% do they mean 90% of the total population or 90% of newspaper issues printed?). On Wed there should be a Gazette article re: Date Number One & the 7/12 - 18 run; they did a pretty long interview with me last week, and they already did a tiny mention of DNO in last week's Kensington issue of the paper. The DNO story this week should appear in all the MoCo Gazette papers, I think. So, if that happens, there is a good possibility of several hundred thousand people learning about Date Number One.

- I bought a Washington City Paper ad today, a pretty large one - 1/5 page. CP claims a circulation of around 85,000.

- I am not sure what the circulation & web readership of On Tap magazine is. I guess I should find that out. There is a nice story about DNO in this month's On Tap. So, at least a few thousand readers from OT let's say.

- There maybe an article (or at least a small mention) in the Washington Post about DNO 7/12 - 18 run. I think the Post has a circulation of around 600,000 for weekdays & around 900,000 for the weekend (or is that just on Sunday?). So, if I get a Post article, that would be very good.

- On top of all the local print coverage, there is local & other US & also even some foreign blog coverage of the event. I think it would be safe to assume that sooner or later several thousand people will hear about DNO due to blog press generating from the 7/12 - 18 run. Good thing about blog press is that they will live on & on in the web, not put away quickly like a daily or weekly newspaper.

So, it is looking good. I won't ever know for sure, but when the 7/12 - 18 run is over, it is very likely that a million DC area people will have heard about Date Number One.

That can be good. I might be able to sell a few DVDs :) Which would be very good, I can get my low-budget (but sexy) self out of debt a little & think about shooting & releasing the next movie :) :)

Looking forward to seeing some of the CP, Gazette, Post, & On Tap, & also blogs readers at the Armory during the upcoming run of DNO.

- Sujewa


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