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Variety article (from June 21) re: indie filmmakers & print press

I somehow missed this article, by Anne Thompson, when it first came out in June. Just read it, interesting.

Article is about indie filmmakers searching for print reviews, also about web film writing vs. print film writing.

My own take on this is that yeah, print press is still very important for film distribution. Not just film reviews, but print articles about movies, movie makers, actors and about a movie (from a production or distribution angle) gets people to notice a movie.

BUT, any positive press from any medium is good/useful for indie film distribution. So far I've gotten print articles, print reviews (well, at least 1 for a previous project that I painfully recall :), and several web reviews, and all have helped in selling tickets.

Also, web press maybe more accessible, easier to get, than print press. And, web press can result in print press.

I think, at this point, both web & print press are important for indie filmmakers and distributors. Each kind of press has its own advantages & disadvantages. But I hope print coverage of film does not go away. There is something old fashioned, familiar & satisfying about reading an article on paper/newsprint/a page of a magazine. Hopefully newspapers will find a way to stay in business & expand their film coverage while film coverage on the web grows, increases in quality & gets more readers. Newspapers should use the web to get more customers, I think some are doing that (this article suggests the idea/advantage of web media buying up newspapers to offer both platforms to advertisers, the reverse can also happen - newspapers buying up or building attractive web content to increase value & revenue for the print business).

- Sujewa


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