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Cinematographer Ellen Kuras interview re: Personal Velocity

I want some good looking images in my next movie, so I am digging up DV & or HD/HDV movies that look very good, in order to get some ideas about various image possibilities. Some of these movies have been shot by Ellen Kuras. Here is an interview with Kuras, from '02, at indieWIRE, re: shooting Personal Velocity. A segment:

"iW: What attracted you to work on a project like "Personal Velocity"?

Kuras: I was very interested in working on the film because it was a whole different format; almost like three short stories. Rebecca Miller [the writer/director] and I worked together on "Angela" and she is such a pleasure to work with. We have a very interesting symbiotic relationship because we are able to see into each other's heads and speak and work on different planes that are not so literal. Also, a lot of the same crew from "Angela" were interested in working on "Personal Velocity" and we were really excited about getting the gang back together."

And from the intro to the interview, a little bit about the cinematography accomplishments of Velocity:

"Not only did the film take home Sundance's grand jury prize, but it also won a cinematography prize, making Kuras the only director of photography to receive the award twice (she won previously for her first project with Miller). It might not sound surprising when you consider Kuras' filmography, but consider this: "Personal Velocity" was shot in 16 days on digital video under the mandate of NYC filmmaking initiative InDigEnt. With its innovative use of stills, close ups, and delicate palette, "Personal Velocity" is one of the few DV works that actually uses the medium in service of the story."

Read the rest here.

- Sujewa


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