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Drew a movie poster :: Need to screen DNO in Austin, LA, San Francisco in '08 :: DVDs

Got hold of a gigantic/poster size piece of drawing paper last night & drew a poster for Date Number One. It looks fun. I need to pick up some markers & color it in, and whenever I get it scanned, will post it up here.

Didn't do any traveling with DNO in '07. So, in '08 I want to show the movie in 3 cities that I didn't get to in the '06 screening travels: Austin, LA, and San Francisco. I had planned on getting to those cities in '06 or '07, didn't happen, so '08 it is - a brand new 365 day period of screening opportunities. If you live in Austin, LA or San Fran & you want to help me put together screenings, let me know.

I can display the new hand drawn poster at the next screening.

I think I'll be able to come to a final decision on DVD packaging (& actually make some) this weekend, so, maybe by Monday 12/10 I can have DNO DVDs available for sale - f-i-n-n-a-l-l-y
(no more bloggin' 'till the DVDs are on sale).

Final version of DNO is done.

- Sujewa


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