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Funny or DIE, MySpaceTV, YouTube image & audio playback quality comparison

So I took my short "Magnus & The Air Quotes Woman" from a DVD, turned it into an MPEG file (stumbled through that process, don't really know too much about it yet), and then uploaded it to Funny or DIE, MySpaceTV, & YouTube. On this one, the audio was reproduced best on Funny or DIE. The image was reproduced best on MySpaceTV I think. And YouTube was not as impressive as either of the first two. I am sure I bear a lot of responsibility for the quality outcome or perhaps I can improve audio & video playback quality on future clips by learning more about compression, codecs, etc. But for the Magnus short, my favorite for playback quality is the Funny or DIE version. Check all three out below & see which site produced the best playback quality for the short:

@ Funny or DIE:

@ MySpaceTV:

Magnus and The Air Quotes Woman

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@ YouTube:

- Sujewa


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