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Humanists help bring "Fields of Fuel" to Sundance '08 :: Fuel site

About the Sundance '08 selected doc "Fields of Fuel", from the American Humanist Association press release:

" "Fields of Fuel" is a 90 minute documentary that was filmed over the past 12 years in 5 countries by a team of scientists and filmmakers lead by Tickell, who is an alternative energy activist and humanist. The film explores fossil fuel production and its impacts and provides innovative, ethical and practical solutions. Most importantly, it empowers individuals to change their own energy use as well as the energy use of their communities.

The film will be seen in theaters across the nation. A seven-month-long 50-city Community Action Campaign will bring the film to theaters, town halls, events and schools across the country, accompanied by a professional staff of scientists and educators. "Fields of Fuel" is one of only 15 documentary films that were accepted for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. 3,000 films were submitted to the Festival this year."

Read more here.


And here is the official website for the film. They are collecting donations there for the "national community action campaign" part of this film project.

- Sujewa


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