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Karen "Green Party" Jennings is running for office in Annapolis! :)

I met Karen a couple of years ago at a screening I produced in Kensington, and I knew that she was always interested in making the world a better place, so it is exciting to hear that she is getting very directly involved in politics by running for an office in Annapolis. Check out her letter (most of it at least) to friends & family & support her any way you can if you like her politics & enthusiasm (she's got a website for further info, and the most urgent need seems to be for $500 for mailings):

"Dear friends and family,

You had to have known that this day would come... I am running for public office!
Specifically, I am running for the Annapolis, Maryland City Council in a special election to be held on December 19th. It is a special election because the city council representative for this district has resigned. The Green Party asked me to represent them in the election because I have been active in the community and a lot of people in the district know me. It is a part-time council, so I wouldn't be leaving my job to take office.

You can read my campaign webpage at http://

Because I am a Green Party Candidate, I had to collect 100 petition signatures to appear on the ballot. A local Republican blogger had this to say about me: "Also of note, Karen Jennings' petition included 175 signatures. The winner in Ward 4's special election had something like 150 votes, and although more people vote in Ward 2, Ms. Jennings' candidacy should not be taken lightly."

I have a large crew of volunteers that have been helping me to go door-to-door to talk with voters every weekend since the election was announced in late October. My campaign has also been covered in the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, and the Annapolis Capital newspapers.

With just 19 days left, we need to raise funds to cover our final mailing expenses. Postage is expensive and we need to raise over $500 in the next week to send out our final mailings. If you can help with a small donation, it would really make a difference. Checks can be made out to "Jennings for Annapolis" and mailed to P.O. Box 2230, Annapolis, MD 21404."

Here's Karen's campaign site again.

- Sujewa


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