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Man vs. Cold/Fever/Whatever, 12 Hours of Sleep, Happy Ending '07

Have not blogged much recently because I was down with a cold/fever/whatever for like, on and off, about 10 days. Finally that's over I think, woke up today after sleeping for 12 hours straight and am feeling more or less fine.

Even though I was sick, went ahead with a holiday party at my new apt; we called it Happy Ending '07 - happened on Sat 12/15. Among other activities; Open Water 2, Night On Earth, Mystery Train, and Living In Oblivion were screened on a wall (nice gigantic image, i need to buy me a projector) and all the Kensingtonians (and 1 Rockvillian) who attended had a good time.

Back to regular blogging & not finishing up the Date Number One DVD tomorrow (although, I plan on getting it done very, very soon - definitely before this month is out) :). Still need to unpack fully from the move to the new apt. Winter is kind of slow, so I am sure I'll get these lingering projects done while sipping some apple cider in the coming days.

Oh, and received a bunch of great b-day gifts recently (including gift cards to book & electronic stores!), looking forward to going shopping & doing my part to stimulate the 'ol economy. Thanks a lot to everyone who made my most recent b-day awesome.

- Sujewa


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