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Must watch Flakes

Looks like f-i-n-a-l-l-y the InDigEnt flick Flakes is available to see (or is coming very soon, can't tell), from IFC First Take. Flakes is playing at the IFC Center in NYC until tomorrow (last day 12/25). Read about the indie cereal store comedy at The House Next Door (not a flattering review, but am gonna watch that thing anyway :), 'cause i likes me some indigent moovies, & it was directed by Michael Lehman, the dude who directed Heathers)

Here is a synopsis of Flakes from the InDigEnt site:


Directed by:
Michael Lehmann

Written by:
Chris Poche, Karey Kirkpatrick

Produced by:
Mark Ross, Gary Winick, Jake Abraham, Karey Kirkpatrick

Aaron Stanford, Zooey Deschanel, Keir O'Donnell, Ryan Donowho, Frank Wood, Izabella Miko and Christopher Lloyd

FLAKES centers on the mercurial relationship of aspiring rock musician Neal Downs (Stanford), who manages the cereal bar, and Miss Pussy Katz (Deschanel), creator of radically-themed art clothing that she tries, in vain, to sell to French Quarter tourists. The main character, however, is the cereal shop itself, where Neal holds court to an offbeat crew of locals, who debate the arcana of cereal history and ideal milk/flake ratios. But then an aspiring young capitalist rips off the store's concept and, when Miss P. gets involved, suddenly everything is at stake--Flakes, love, and the very survival of righteous breakfast food veneration."

- Sujewa


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