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On the bright side, much of the world is at peace

December, the most important month of the holiday season in the US, of the 7th year of the new millenium, is here (or maybe the 6th year of the new 1000 years, based on whether you count 2000 or 2001 as the starting point), and, to me, it looks like that the majority of the people who live on this planet are living in places where there are no wars. By wars I mean large scale fighting; a good example would be battles of WW II, with hundreds of armed participants & much damage to cities and towns. Have the who-knows-for-how-long-now secular & religious projects (kingdoms that used various methods of organization & control go back several thousand years, Buddhism is over 2500 years old, Christianity is over 2000 years old, and the US - the most successful of the secular republics/one with a lot of religious activity nevertheless - is over 200 years old) that aimed, in part, to make nations & the world more peaceful been mostly successful? Looks like it. Here's what I am basing my statement on:

There are no wars or large scale organized fighting in much of India or China at the moment, same goes for much or all of Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada, US, and the rest of the Americas. There may be large scale fighting in Chechnya, in Russia. And there is relatively large scale fighting in Afganistan and Iraq. And as far as I know some fighting occurs from time to time in or near Israel. There are many small wars or relatively large scale fighting at various places of the African continent, and of course there is organized but small scale fighting in Sri Lanka. But, given the fact that the total population of India, China, Europe, Russia, US & the rest of the Americas, Australia, much of the middle east, most countries in Asia (so far not mentioned ones) and some African countries not affected by war at the moment is greater than the number of those people living in the handful of countries that have large scale fighting, I would have to say that much of the world at this point is at peace.

Pretty good, pretty good. Good job on keeping the world largely peaceful fellow humans. This will make our holiday celebrations more meaningful.

- Sujewa


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