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Renew Media's interview with Breakthrough Distribution's Jeff Rosen

Check it out here.

Here is a little bit from the introduction to the interview:

"And in today’s virtual world, friends, fans and consumers are, more times than not, the same thing. To help harness that and to increase the ability of filmmakers to efficiently reach core audiences, Breakthrough Distribution, in conjunction with several partners, is building a cooperative database which will be called Indiefanbase. The site will attempt to aggregate and mine the fanbases of individual filmmakers, publishers and nonprofits to help market and target creative content and products. I spoke with Jeff Rosen, one of the four team members that run Breakthrough, about the enormous potential of the Internet and what the distribution company has in store for the near future."

And here again is the interview link. Might be a useful thing to read for indie filmmakers.

- Sujewa


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