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Rick Schmidt interview at Netribution

This interview may be a little old (can't see a date on it, but it does refer to Schmidt's Dogme 95 movie "Chetzemoka's Curse" - a very good DV film by the way, check it out), still a good read. Here's the interview. Here's a segment:

"Could you outline your history in the film industry?

My history "in the film industry" began in 1970 when I shot my first video that became transferred to 16MM and edited to become a short called "The Legal Operation." From there I became roommates with director Wayne Wang (who then wasn't the director of The Joy Luck Club or Smoke of course...just a graduate student in film). In 1973 we co-directed our first feature together, entitled A MAN, A WOMAN, AND A KILLER, which and ended up winning Director's Choice award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. With that movie I won a $10,000 grant from the American Film Institute (AFI) to make another feature, Showboat 1988-the remake, completing it in 1978 and getting shown at the London Film Festival resulting in a sale for two showings on Channel 4 in England."

Read the rest here.

- Sujewa


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