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Takashi Miike and "straight to DVD" filmmaking discussion at a Criterion Forum

Interesting discussion at a Criterion Forum about how one Japanese director has made & released quality movies using the "straight-to-DVD" production & release method/avenue. Over here in the US straight-to-DVD has generally been a wasteland (or is considered as such by many mainstream consumers, as far as I can tell), but perhaps real indie filmmakers with good movies can use that method of release in a profitable way (no theatrical release expenses, plus there may be other benefits - like greater independence from relying on festivals & critics/reviewers/bloggers for justifying the existence of a film in the market place; as in - if it is already available on DVD for purchase & viewing, then sales figures & the audience response can determine if more money & time needs to be/can be invested in a given title for further exposure & profit/sales, regardless of what fest programmers or critics think about, or not think about, the movie).

Also, as one of the commenters mentioned at the Criterion Forum, once the still developing internet VOD (video-on-demand through the web, maybe in conjunction with the TV set soon since I hear that a lot of people would prefer to watch movies on their ever more sophisticated & high quality home entertainment systems rather than on their computer monitor) industry is popular & profitable in the US, that can work as a release method similar to straight-to-DVD.

Check out the forum here.

- Sujewa


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