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10 Hot Tips: Getting the most out of Final Cut Express

Useful article by Tom Wolsky for people working with FCE, specially if they are making the move from iMovie to FCE. From the article (i found this to be very helpful, would like to use the iMovie sound effects in an FCE edited film):

"Tip 1
Users of iMovie who make the jump up to Final Cut Express often miss iMovie 3’s great sound effects and wish they were available in Final Cut Express. Well, you can import those sound effects into Final Cut Express without much effort. The trick is to know where they reside on your computer.

1. Begin by Control-clicking on the iMovie application icon in your Applications folder.
2. From the shortcut menu select Show Package Contents (Figure 1).
3. Go inside the Contents folder to the Resources folder and find the Sound Effects folder.
4. Hold down the Option key to copy the folder as you drag it onto your dedicated media drive (if you have one). Most of the iMovie sound effects reside in the Sound Effects folder as AIFF files. The Skywalker sounds are MP3 files and should be converted to AIFF files using iTunes or the QuickTime Pro Player."

Read the rest of the article here.

- Sujewa


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