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Created a book of new indie filmmaker interviews

I spent a few, at first a little frustrating & then somewhat blissful, hours last night playing with the Blurb software & created a book of new indie filmmaker ('05 - April '08) interviews, pulled from my many blogs. It's gonna be a somewhat fancy book, a little celebration of a certain period in American indie film, & of certain young/new directors & their films, maybe it'll be of some value to indie film geeks in like 20 years :). And in the immediate future maybe it'll be another little useful publicity thing for the filmmakers featured in the book; web interviews in a more tactile, physical form, digital information made more real. The book will be available for purchase from this blog this summer; June - July let's say. More on this project in the coming weeks. Next: get the first copies printed & see what it looks & feels like.

I'll say one more thing re: the process, turning blog entries into a book is a lot easier than editing/making the DVD of a low/no-budget feature & making it very slick & smooth.

- Sujewa


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