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The Guatemalan Handshake trailer :: DVD out 4/29

No, as far as I know, this film does not have anything to do w/ Guatemala (couple of people were wondering on YouTube) - but is supposed to be very good:

For DVD info & ordering, go here.

From the official announcement:

"We are pleased to announce that, after 2 years of screenings around the world, THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE will finally available on DVD on April 29th online, in stores and for rental.

To make up for the long wait, the DVD is being released as a deluxe 2-disc edition, containing over 2 1/2 HOURS of bonus material, including a collection of short films created by some of the cast and crew from the film. The DVD contains a brand-new HD transfer created from a new 35mm even if you have a bootleg copy, it's time to trade it in.

As an extra incentive, when you order directly from our website, you'll receive an additional DVD - "Short Films By Todd Rohal" which includes THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE director's first four short films: SINGLE SPACED, SLUG 660, KNUCKLEFACE JONES and HILLBILLY ROBOT.

AND...on top of that, you'll receive an original 10-inch section of THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE's first theatrical 35mm print. These items are only available by purchasing the DVD through the official GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE website.

The DVD will also be available on Amazon, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble and most every other place you'd expect to find DVDs for sale. It will be available for rental on Netflix, Blockbuster and GreenCine on April 29th.

Please visit, tell your friends, and pre-order your copy's been a long time coming."

- Sujewa


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