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Insidest of inside baseball: my post re: Film Festival Secrets post re: LA Diary's are fests worth it? post

For people who spend a lot of time thinking about indie film & indie film fests, this post at Film Festival Secrets should be entertaining (and also the post that inspired it, at LA Diary - which is a feature at Guardian's Film blog).

My current thoughts re: the issue ("Are film festivals really worth entering?" - LA Diary): Fests are OK, some are great, but if you don't like what the fest world offers or don't like having to submit your film & pay $s, you can set up DIY screenings of your movie somewhere (& then spend a lot of time & some $s publicizing the event so that ppl know about it, generating press, etc., on the bright side you get to keep any box office $s) or you can set up a monthly screening series (such as Lo-Def in Silver Spring, MD) for your & others movies (requiring the same type of work as doing a single DIY screening, but more in terms of quantity of work). Ultimately, it is good to have fests around as one possible choice for exhibition, press, career development for indie filmmakers. The fact that fests exists need not limit DIY filmmakers from doing other events, including ones created by themselves, to promote their movies & careers.

- Sujewa


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