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John Adams: A Closer Look

Been enjoying HBO's mini-series John Adams (5 episodes have aired so far) - about the 2nd US president. Here is an 8 min. long promo video for the series:


Anna said…
I was watching the HBO series John Adams tonight and there was a nod at George Washington's false teeth. It made me laugh because I remembered that those teeth are on display in Baltimore at The National Museum of Dentistry. Not only that, the map that the American delegation in France used to identify the United States of America at the Treaty of Paris, the actual map from George III’s library, is on display at the Maps exhibitions running at The Walters Art Museum. Check it out
The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the info. Anna. Yeah, a lot of stuff related to the founders & the founding of the republic/revolutionary war, etc. are in the DC area. I need to re-visit some of those places & things.

- Sujewa

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