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LO-DEF, The monthly screening event in Silver Spring, MD starts Thu May 22!

Well, this has been in the works for some time, & now I can finally announce it; a new indie screening series, happening once a month (for now:) at The Back Room of Jackie's (quite possibly one of the coolest - great food & decor, warm people - restaurants in Silver Spring) - here's the brand new site & blog for Lo-Def.

1st movie being screened (Thu May 22, 8 PM, FREE) is the new version of Date Number One. More info. soon re: the new DNO. Also trailer & clips coming to the web next week; plus screener DVDs for review for interested film bloggers & other media. For more info. on the screening, go here (or visit this blog in a few hours :).

And now, more on Lo-Def! Filmmakers & or distributors interested in submitting for future Lo-Def screening events, check out the submission info. at the site (link on right hand side) or e-mail me with a description of your fiction or doc feature or feature length collection of shorts, w/ links to sites, reviews if any, etc. Films from any place, made at any time on any medium for any budget are welcome (DC area indie filmmakers are highly encouraged to submit); as long as they are very interesting, & or entertaining or otherwise high quality (if u r not sure, just submit, we'll figure it out, it is free to submit of course). Filmmakers who screen at Lo-Def receive $100, plus other benefits to be announced soon.

Some of those excellent real indie films that have been trapped on computer screens & TV screens will soon get a chance to play on a big screen & meet an appreciative audience in Silver Spring, MD.

- Sujewa


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