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Looks like I'll be seeing Greta Gerwig on the screen a lot this weekend

Maybe Gerwig (MySpace page, Paper mag profile) is the Hardest Working Lady in Real Indie Film at the moment; she has a lead role in 4 movies (including one that she co-directed) at this weekend's Maryland Film Festival:

"Impressed by the small successes of a local, low-budget filmmaker, four struggling actors decide to head for a cabin in the woods and write their masterpiece -- with juicy roles for themselves, of course. Standing in their way? Shortages of just a few things: talent, motivation, energy, and inspiration. Oh, and a surplus of two -- hormones and alcohol -- as multiple romantic entanglements and a fridge full of beer take the friends further and further away from a completed screenplay."

"Yeast begins by throwing us into an awkward situation -- a young woman, Rachel (Mary Bronstein) rousing her disheveled roommate Alice (Amy Judd) for a camping trip they've planned with Gen (Greta Gerwig, star of MFF 2007's Hannah Takes the Stairs). Alice refuses to come, and at first we're struck by her seemingly unmotivated surliness towards Rachel. But as Rachel and Gen venture into the woods, what slowly emerges is a warts-and-all portrait of a manipulative person who compulsively undermines the people in her life -- and the also-imperfect friends who've decided they've finally had enough."

"Nights and Weekends explores the problems of two people trying to navigate the unique pains and challenges of a long-distance relationship. The logistics impose themselves in very specific centrifugal ways. With a fearless commitment to explore each challenge to their relationship, and without forcing the action into predictable movie plot-points, Greta and Joe want us to feel the hard work and good luck it takes to establish a real partnership in today’s world. Following the higher public profile both attained with Hannah, the small and intimate Nights and Weekends also finds the pair declaring their intention to continue telling their stories the way they want to tell them."

"A minor-league baseball player and his fiancée struggle to pursue the American dream."

- Sujewa


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